Compliment the Gold Bug Pro (or any other detector), you should use a fairly good headset to hear the most faint of signals.  They will help you hear those small nuggets while reducing any outside noise.

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Display all your proud specimen findings.  Black Gem Jar Jewelry tray Insert.  50 Gem Jars.

To make your life easier you should remove all the large rocks and debris from your sample digs.  Classifiers really help to do this so you can get down to the real paydirt.  Don't forget to check your rocks, you may have a nugget!

Smart Weigh High Precision Scale.  50X0.001g  Weigh your mineral haul in with this precision scale.  Accurate and can change from grams to ounces.  Great for cooking as well.

Garrett Propointer AT will pinpoint your targets with outstanding accuracy.  Totally submersible up to 10 feet!  Perfect complement for those metal detectors and prospectors out there that don't want to waste time looking around.


All prospectors will need to use a gold pan at some point.  Great for doing prospecting or doing a cleanup of your cons.  You will get to know these items very well.  This starter kit will get you going.

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​Some people like fishing, hiking, golfing.  Well I like to head out to the river and look for some gold or platinum.  I am a fully licensed placer miner in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.  I have aspirations of owning my very own gold claim in the very near future!  I use various equipment and tools to recover the minerals.  Gold pans, high bankers and metal detectors come into play.  I am continuously experimenting with different technologies to help maximize my gold recovery.  I do video blogs on most of my adventures where you can see some of these tools in use.  If you want to check out some of them out, check out my YouTube channel.  I hope you find some color in your journey.   I personally endorse all of the items you will see below.

Good luck and see you out there!

Found a hotspot for gold or other minerals?  Mark your spot so you don't forget where it is with the 

Garmin eTrex 20X handheld GPS.  Depending on your needs and budget, check out the 10 and 30X models.

Using a river sluice or highbanker?  Well you will need some of this.  Miners moss with expanded metal overtop will capture and trap that fine gold for later cleanup.  This is whats known as a passive trap system.

Want a step up on the competition?  The Gold Bug Pro detector will help you pinpoint small nuggets with its specially designed coil and frequency.  I have this detector and it is proven.  I bet the 49'ers wished they'd have this technology. 

Back Packers Trowel.  Plastic, great for metal detecting.  Ideal hand shovel for digging and probing around.  Will not set your detector or propointer off.

see the front page, I am building these now!!

Its really hard to get those itty bitty bits of gold out of your pan unless you have a snuffer bottle.  Best to have 2-3 of these on hand at any given point.

Apply for your BCeID tag

Recreational Panning

Reserves in BC

Geologic maps of US States

Get all the help you can finding that yellow!!  If you have the gift you will need a set of these Dowsing Rods.

A great prospecting book to get you started.  Starts off basic with some good insights into locating placer deposits.

Don't trust all your valuable minerals in a fragile glass vial.  Put them into a safer plastic vial for storage.

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Speaking of river sluice, here is one.  Great for backpack prospecting and such.  Running more material then just doing panning alone.  Make sure you check the rules and regulations for usage in your area.

Dry your minerals out and pour them into a nice container before weighing.  Then pour into your vials.

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