This is a great camera for mounted driving.  Records in 1080P with GPS logging and G force sensor.  Great nighttime capability.  I use this camera to record my journeys, its great for picking up that unexpected event.

The latest technology in video recording.   This 4K camera has a mechanical stabilizer and shoots great in low light conditions.  A must have if you want high quality video but still be highly mobile.

For anytime of extreme excursions, I will turn to my trusted GoPro Hero  camera.  Mountable on just about anything and waterproof.  It is great to take on vaction.  Great recording cabibility and compact. 

My newest primary camera the Canon Vixia HF R700 is great for get up and go video blogging and instant photo capture.  Up to 57X magnification and takes sd mini (I use 64Gb).  This comes with beltpack and SD card!

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For any type of stabilized video or photography you will need one of these.  This lightweight Tripod is highly durable and highly affordable.  The heavier the tripod the more stable it is which is great for timelapse videos.  

Celestial Bodies

Nothing will test your skills more as a photographer with getting shots of the night time sky.  Whether it be the moon, planets or startrails, you will need to push your camera to its limits.


Nighttime Photos

Nothing quite compares to the northern lights.  They appear and dance across the skies.  You will need to know your camera settings to capture these inspiring events.

For video editing to YouTube or photo enhancement I turn to Adobe Elements series.  Multi platform software (mine is Windows) allows for lots of versatility.  Support is good and you get lots of premade transition and royalty free music to use on mulitiple video and audio layers.  Currently Elements 15 is the most current edition. 


Nothing captures severe weather better then a timelapse video. Cloud formation, currents and rain are fun to watch in this mode. 

Long Exposure

Taking it to the next step is tracking the night sky for a timed exposure.  This will bring out images that your eye just can not see.  Knowledge in your camera and computer software is a must. 



A personal favorite is the landscape shots.  Perspective comes into play here as you try and capture the essence of the sky and land.

This is a very affordable stabilizer I use to get some really decent motion shots.

​The AFunta Pro Hanheld Stabilizer can fit many cameras and is a great asset to making nice videos.

Smartphones are a way of life.  Handheld shots are ok but you can take your photography to the next level with a simple tripod and remote for taking pictures.  Great for on the go snapshots!


OK, you got to get up early to capture some of these shots but they are worth it.  If you are not a morning person, that's alright just capture the sunset.

Infinite Possibilities

As they say "The sky is the limit"  But that's just not true.  There are so many more possibilities for you and your camera.  Be creative, try new things!

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For truly jaw dropping imagery, this DJI drone will give you everything you will ever need out in the field.  Great for surveying your area looking for trails and bench's in 4K gimbal controled video.  You wont regret getting this little fold up copter. 

Vintage Shots

There is something about trains and the way they attract attention.  Pictures of them rolling across the prairies is always a fan favorite.

Aukey Smartphone clipon lens.  Duo 120 degree, and 15X macro.  Great for closeup shots.

Check to see if works on your smartphone. I love this lens!