Extend your camping experience with an adjustable SUV/Truck tent.  It will give you a place to put your boots and coolers.

Camping is a way of life if you live in western Canada.  Looking forward to every weekend to head out to the back country to do some camping and hiking with lots of trails and wildlife to see along the way.  During my travels there are some items I don't leave home without.  Check them out below and enhance your outdoor experience!

I use this backpack to pack around my prospecting gear (see the YouTube video).  This also works great for hiking the trails.  Comfortable straps and waist support.   Get one that fits your needs.

Don't get stuck on a road trip with an unknown engine light on your dash.  This OBD reader will tell you what your problem is and give you a heads up on the severity of the issue. 

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These are great for cooking hotdogs over the fire.  They store in a little bag and don't take up any space for storage

Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern with case/  1500 lumens on high, adjustable dimmer knob.

Polypropylene Rope to help with the tarp and many other uses.

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Never get lost again!  I use this Garmin eTrex 20x GPS to locate the corners of all my claims and mark interesting points along the way.  Download any number of maps from the Garmin website.

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Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove.  10,000 total BTU.  Adjustable burner control.

I don't plan on getting lost in the woods but if I do, water is very important.  Using this filter you can drink right from the river and not have to worry about getting sick.  Great to have.

Assorted Bungee Cords to stretch out and help you get your tarps strung up.

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Telescoping Tent/Tarp Poles, adjust to 8 feet.  Great for propping up your tarps overhead.

Like the OBD, this is an invaluable tool to take with you out on the road (or anywhere for that case).  This will tell you the condition of your automotive or RV battery health.  Don't get stranded out in the elements!

Coleman PowerChil Cooler. 40 Quart.  I just picked up one of these and it worked perfectly keeping my food cool all week.  Be sure not to leave it plugged into your vehicle while turned off.  

Great pocket Binocular.  Bushnell PowerView 10x42 Waterproof.

Alpine 8.5 X 8 Dome Tent.  Easy setup 3 season.  Do some research to be sure you get the right tent for you.