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I own and work various placer and mineral claims across British Columbia.  Some of these claims I have put up for sale.  I will try and post as much information about each claim as I can.  If you have any questions please contact me and ask away. 

I can not stress enough that you do your own research before purchacing a claim (mine or not).  I will always give permission for you to visit before buying.

Perry Bench - Perry Creek **HIGH DEMAND**  Title 1051210  20.95 ha.  Excellent access off Perry Creek Rd.  No water access (closest access is off the NE corner).  

Cost $400.00 cdn



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Be sure to check back from time to time to see anything new.

Upper Weaver.  Title 1052967.  Located just west of Cranbrook BC.  This claim can be accessed by car.  The brush is thick where the creek is located.

Cost $300.00 cdn

Brewery Bench - Brewery Creek Title 1052163 20.92ha.  Located on the high bench of the Wildhorse River.  Road access!  This title does overlap a legacy claim.  -Update the legacy claim overlapping my cell has expired!

Cost $2500.00 cdn

Wildhorse Delta- Wildhorse river  Title 1051211 41.88ha.  Good walk in access.  Very close to the Fort Steele campground.  

Cost $750.00 cdn