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Vlog Update:

Nov 27 Working on a video experimenting with Gold foil and Mercury.  Also picked up a Gold tester.

Oct 31 Posted video today where I extract Mercury from old Thermostats.  Kinda neat, check it out! Happy Halloween!

Oct 30 -Started a Reddit account.  Not sure how to use it, check it out.  u/goprospecting

Oct 04 - Attending the Rock and Gem show.  Looking to get some more Meteorite fragments!  And some more Pan in a Can paydirt!

Oct 02 Expect some big changes to the website.  Looking at adding a forums and guest book for you all to interact.  Adding SEO!  Stay tuned for the changes :)

Sept 27- got a few more videos left to come out this year.  Some interesting stuff with some new people too- they are awesome :) ​

Sept 15 - Starting a new design for a highly portable highbanker setup for prospecting.  A means to get deep into the bush with minimal effort!  Stay tuned

Sept 1 2019 - Added a Recommended section at the bottom of the page.  Check it out.

August 19 2019 - Just got back from a weekend of sluicing on the NSR.  Lots of video shot.  Cant wait to try out my new Gold Hogg multisluice and Miller Table from AGE.

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