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GoPro Hero7 Action Camera Combo

**Updated Lowered Pricing**

15" Supersluice Gold Pan

NSR Flour Gold!

OBDII Reader for your vehicle. 

Know what the codes mean before your mechanic does!

A must have for any road trips!

Aukey Camera Phone Lens


Season in Review

Biggest Nugget Ever!

Hand Dredge

Home built 36 inch long, 2 inch diameter hand suction 

dredge with removable nozzle.

Easly modified for your own personal use

​Price: $50 CDN plus shipping.

click picture for link to video.

Get a free sticker with any order

Pan in a Can

5 Cans at Once!

Don't go on a road trip without knowing the condition of your vehicle or RV batteries!  

Go Prospecting 

Fruit of the Loom

5 Ounce Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

Color: Black

Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL

​Price: $25 CDN plus shipping



DirtHogg Paydirt

Adidas Unstructured Cresting Cap

Color: Black

Sizes: One Size

​Price: $45 CDN plus shipping